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San Juan Island Demographics

Why Do People Move Here?

Personal security; clean environment; breathtaking beauty; wonderful, accessible beaches all year long; a real sense of community; no stop lights; we're in the sun belt; some of the best boating, fishing and diving in the world; we're close to cities, but still a small town; our growth rate manageable due to being on islands that are not as easy to access as other smaller communities; arts and recreation, restaurants; level of average education and technology.

These are just some of the reasons. Want to know more? Please e-mail, call, write, fax, or come in and see me.


The San Juan Islands average 247 sunny days annually. They are in the "Banana Belt", having the best Click for Friday Harbor, Washington Forecast weather in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most moderate climates in the world. Summer time temperatures are in the low 70's and winter time lows are in the high 30's and low 40's.

Rainfall averages 29 inches a year, about half of what falls in Seattle. There are often days when it will be raining in Seattle or Vancouver, but clear and sunny in the San Juans. This is primarily due to surrounding mountain ranges which keep moisture laden clouds at their sides and away from the islands.

Floods, hurricanes, blizzards and blistering heat are extremely rare events and when they do occur, they are mild compared to other parts of the country. Tornadoes are unknown in the islands.


The San Juan County Economic Development Council (http://www.sanjuansedc.org/)
They help island businesses to get started, offer one-on-one business counseling services, linkages to other agencies, and a wide variety of business workshops and events which help businesses of all sizes to thrive.

San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce
Featuring Visitor and local information and a comprehensive listing of all Chamber Members.

San Juan County Government
County Governments in Washington State, including San Juan County, serve three major roles: State Agent, Regional Government and Local Government. Visit "the official county web site" for information on the elections, law, community service and more.

HISTORY - San Juan Islands

There is a great deal of fascinating history regarding the San Juan Islands that can be read within numerous published books.

The most notable historic period came about during what is known as the "Pig War", when the Americans and English disagreed as to who the islands belonged to and nearly went to battle over them to the point where military camps were constructed by the English on the north end of San Juan and by the Americans on the south end. It is called the Pig War because sides were drawn after an American shot an English pig that persisted to go into his garden.

English and American Camps are now National Historical Parks encompassing nearly 2,000 acres of waterfront with spectacular beaches and hiking trails.


In San Juan County there are more boats per person than in any other county in the State of Washington and the Pacific Northwest is the boating capital of the world. The San Juan Islands are a boaters paradise for sailboats or motorboats, large or small. Their protected waters and the protected waters of adjacent areas in British Columbia provide endless adventure and exploration within one of the most physically beautiful environments in the world. There are numerous marine parks, islands and beaches available to the boater as well as many marinas.

San Juan Island – Bareboat Charters

Fishing Charters off San Juan Island

Salmon University

Tides and Currents


Schools on San Juan Island are considered excellent due to the quality of teachers and administrative staff, the student/teacher ratio, student attitudes and involvement, parent and community participation, the curriculum, and sports, scholastic achievement and extra curricular programs.

San Juan Island School District

San Juan County School Information

Spring Street International School, San Juan Island
Spring Street International School provides day and boarding students with a safe, engaging environment as it prepares them for success in higher education and an increasingly complex, interconnected world. A Spring Street student gains perspective through experiential travel and service that emphasizes world understanding, tolerance, respect, and compassion. Faculty members work together to ensure that each student is held to the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior.


Children's House Montessori School, San Juan Island, 360-378-5255

Head Start, San Juan Island, 360-378-6030

Lighthouse Preschool, San Juan Island, 360-378-4885

Paideia Classical School, San Juan Island, 360-378-8322


Skagit Valley Community College offer a great variety of courses and degrees to all ages through their modern extension facility in Friday Harbor. To find out more visit their sites:
Skagit Valley Community College


San Juan County is currently the fastest growing county in the state, per capita. As of 2010, the total population of San Juan County was 15,769 and most of the population live on the four larger islands served by the Washington State Ferry system, out of the 172 islands in total.

The links shown below provide descriptions and aerial images of most all islands in the San Juan Archipelagos.

Central - "Ferry Serviced" Island's
Includes: San Juan, Orcas, Lopez and Shaw Island's.

Outer - "Non-Ferry Serviced" Island's
Blakely, Brown, Center, Crane, Decatur, Frost, Henry, Johns, Obstruction, Pearl, Stuart, and Waldron Island's.

Privately Owned Island's
Canoe Island and Satellite Island, and a list of others.

Uninhabited Island's list

Marine State Park list


Visit the San Juan County Assessor web site for current information on tax rates.

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