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About Sam Buck

About Sam Buck

I am a 2nd generation Realtor on San Juan Island and I am a 3rd generation islander with my two grandchildren being 5th generation islanders.

I left in 1976 to experience life off the island and came back in 1987. For 30 years, my father had the largest and most successful real estate company in the San Juan Islands. My younger brother had taken over the business so, with "real estate in my blood", in August of 1988, I became a Realtor as it seemed like a natural move. I worked very hard and within a few years I quickly became one of the most successful Realtors in my office and have been a top broker since 1993.

My father was born here and he and my mother still live here. My wife and I raised both of our sons here, I loved growing up here and feel very grateful for the gift of being able to raise my family here and now seeing our two grandchildren grow up here too.

My background is quite diverse including: small farming, heavy equipment operator, commercial fisherman, restaurant ownership, and resort restoration / operation. I was a full time holistic health practitioner with a non-profit organization for over 10 years and still enjoy keeping up with the current trends in that field.

Please allow me the privilege of providing you with the benefit of the knowledge gained over my 25 years as a Realtor on San Juan Island. I am a top Realtor only because people like their experience and recommend me to their friends and family.

You will experience me as a professional with an easy touch. Some people jump in with both feet right away and others may take years to get comfortable with the idea of owning property here. My job is to help you to know the pros and cons of the inventory that is relevant to you and I enjoy being in that role.

When I can be of further service to you, it will be my sincere pleasure to do so.

- Sam BucK

Office Location: 105 Spring Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Mailing: PO Box 100, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Email: sambuck@sanjuanislands.com
Direct: (360) 317-6277     Office: (360) 378-2101 ext: 231
Fax: (360) 378-2998